Read more about Salsa dancing

Salsa is one of the great shape of Cuban boogie which is incredibly well-liked these days. Would you like to understand the simple measures the way to boogie salsa? If so, then you are in a growing crowd to discover this manner. Across the community, this particular show up form is earning bulk attractiveness. The great thing is that it is simple to study the about three fundamental salsa moving techniques. Nevertheless, to gain expertise more than this kind of party it is advisable to commit plenty of time to the item. Finding out salsa flow will unquestionably aid to get into a much better physical condition. You will discover your self sensation far healthier and better once you learn salsa.

For novices who wish to understand salsa ought to target specific specs. Within the step one, it is advisable to center on acquiring actually happy with your current standard salsa party movements. Salsa moving is becoming preferred because enticing exercises plus awesome hard work. Generally associated with your difficult work within salsa dance, it is possible to transform your dexterity. This may affect some other actual aspect of your way of life where by time cares.

Mastering salsa can easily improve your self confidence in addition to boost your self-assurance. It is always enhance your social life since it is inevitable that you talk with unique entertainers therefore you get friendly with others obtaining very same curiosity of show up. Salsa grooving is extremely accomplished at using calories also to strengthen the body. It can be maybe one of several best types of routines. Salsa show up produces your body and mind entire body association and gives a great way to transform your physical understanding. It is a great alternative to working out in the health club and provides a great workout in addition to enjoyable. Try to remember, everyone can develop into a great Salsa ballerina. Or else right away, this 2-3 weeks and you might simply be lulling the dance floor along with your salsa actions.

Going adventurous with car racing games

Car racing game is one of the oldest games in video games, its one of the things that made video games interesting and fun. This genre has caught the eye of people from the year 1970s and one of the reasons that made it so popular for all those years is its capability to improvise and be adventurous. The game is very versatile, the plain car racing them entertains people up until now, but with the growing demand of something new the car racing game makers got incredible modifications with the car racing theme that it’s just like a whole different and new idea.

One of the greatest modifications of the car racing game is the online feature. With the eruption of online games such as VRacer, gamers can now find free online car racing games. These a great event since the majority of console games are pretty much expensive especially the console device itself.

The advantage with online games is that if it’s not free then it’s pretty cheap, you can get adventurous with these games since they come out almost from every website. These games are now on social network sites making the members crazy and spending tons of crazy hours playing with their friends.

Online car racing games adapts the basic story line as all racing games have. The players go against the virtual opponents to a battle to the finish line. But there is more than that now. The online games have adapted also what the new and popular car racing games in the consoles and the arcades. The free games have also upgraded to a story line where it includes formula one racing, NASCAR and so on. The gaming genre and the free online games are so versatile that it also offers free games which are on the class of Grand Theft Auto and Gran Turismo


Buying World Of Warcraft Levels VS Power Leveling Yourself

Leveling in World of Warcraft can be very time come summing and at sometimes difficult. Spending hours playing the game just of for a couple levels a day may be getting you frustrated. So you may consider just buying your levels from a power leveling service. But lets see if buying your way to level 70 is really wroth it.

First lets take a look at buying your way to level 70 in World of Warcraft. So you load up Google at do a search for world of warcraft leveling service or some other relative keyword. After search around for the cheapest power leveling service you select one that you like. The next step would be to make sure that the wow leveling service is real; after all you don t want to pay for a service that s just going to take your money. After researching the company and you feel comfortable with there service. You decide to place and order. And that s that, so what are some pros and cons of buying power leveling service.

Some pros are that you don t have to work for the level; you hired someone to level for you, also the person that is leveling your character is a professional game. The pro gamer may know more tricks and secrets about World of Warcraft they you. Another pro is you could order at night then go to sleep and wake up 15+ more levels higher. It s like having your cake and eating it to.

But there are some cons that go with buying your Warcraft levels. Since you are not the one actually doing the leveling your not getting the game experience, so when your are level 70 and your in a party, you may not be a effective party member do to your lack of game experience. The biggest reason that you really shouldn t buy your levels is, you have to give out your login in name and password and what server you re on. I never recommend give out this personal information do to the fact that its link to a credit or debit card. The last disadvantage of buying a warcraft leveling service is that there not all are legit. There are a lot of so called leveling services that are just out to steal credit card numbers and/or warcraft login accounts. That s why if your considering buying from a leveling service, you have to do your research on that company.

So is there a way to quickly wow power level yourself, so you don t have to worry about some of the cons that I listed above. Well the answer in short is yes, you can learn the secrets that the professional gamers use when you buy a wow leveling service. After all if it works for the people that are leveling your character then it has to work for you. There are several World of Warcraft power leveling guides. But the top one has to be Brains Kopps 1-60, 60-70 power leveling guide. In this guide it teaches you the secrets of power leveling in warcraft, the ones that the pro gamers use. By power leveling this way you are not only are you getting the gaming experience you are quickly leveling your wow character. Also, since you are not giving out your account information you don t have to worry about credit card fraud or someone stealing your account. This is a big plus for me.

So in closing, what I m saying is if you want something done right, then you re going to have to do it yourself. Power leveling guides gives you all of the benefits of a leveling service with none of the disadvantages.


Free MMO – Runes of Magic

MMO (Massive Multiple Online) gaming has become big news in recent times. From the ever present (but costly) World of Warcraft to numerous free options, the MMO is hugely popular.


Looking for ways to slack of can be tiring. Often we think that slacking is a job in itself, it’s just a shame that no one ever pays for it. Trying to find free ways to slack off is even harder. It’s all well and good playing your latest expensive game but a true slacker prefers to do things on the free.


MMO’s have traditionally been expensive, at least to play quality games. They require buying of games AND a monthly fee. Not something that your average freebie slacker wants to shell out for.


Sure there have been free options, but they have traditionally been of very poor quality, or you need to spend money to actually be any good at it.


Which is a shame as an MMO is a great way of slacking off. They are proper time sinks that you can spend hours doing nothing on. Whether it is killing a few minutes hacking up a horde of Goblins or hours spent on missions to level up your character – MMOs are usually exactly what we are looking for.


Thankfully there is now a free option that allows you to do all that in a quality game. Runes of Magic is your typical fantasy setting for such games (after all magic is a big part of what drives these MMOs), but unlike other free MMOs it is actually fun to play without having to spend money.


Don’t believe us – then check it out for yourselves. It’s that or actually doing something with your day, which are you going to choose?



Free Games Consoles

As hardened slackers it is tough to decide what we prefer more. Free stuff or games consoles. Both are big targets of ours.


Let’s be honest – free stuff is awesome. Anything that you don’t have to have worked for is a nice bonus.


Whether it is free food (and there really is such a thing as a free lunch), free games or even free games consoles –getting anything for free rocks. After all if you don’t like it you can simply shove it on eBay, get some cash and spend that one something you do want (or on having some money so you don’t have to do much work this week).


Especially when said free stuff is expensive items that you can actually spend even more time slacking around playing! Which is why free games consoles are the ultimate in slacker targets when it comes to blagging freebies.


Free Games Consoles – The Slackers Dream


When it comes to slacking off it is well known that we are fans of gaming. It is the best way to pass the time in an enjoyable but not actually doing anything sort of way. Usually we aim for free online games (why pay money), but games consoles are the ultimate – if you can afford it.


Which is why free games consoles are so amazing. Being able to play the likes of Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, Assassins Creed and more – for free – is rather a dream come true. And considerably better than actually doing any work.


Thankfully free games consoles really are an option – there are loads of competitions on the Internet to win such prizes as free X-box 360′s with games, what more could you ask for?


How about us showing you where you can win these prizes, just by entering your email address?


Oh go on then….


How about this one?

Or maybe you would prefer this one?

Or maybe a FREE Nintendo 3DS?



Farmville and a Free $100!

When it comes to slacking off – whether at home or in work – there are few places better than Facebook. It is the biggest time sink known to man.


Facebook is everywhere. Recently it has, according to some metrics, got more visitors than Google (another fantastic time sink). Almost everyone has a Facebook account.


Which means that we can spend time chatting to random people we have only met once (or never in some cases), skimming through photos of old school friends we haven’t seen in decades and, of course, playing the games.


Facebook is fats becoming one of the biggest games playing platforms in the World. From Scrabble (now ‘Words with Friends’) to building armies and cities, there really is something for everyone.


One of the biggest games on Facebook is Farmville. Even if you don’t play it the odds are that you have heard of it – whether in the press, on gaming sites or simply people inviting you to join.


But even more likely is the fact that you play. Why? Because it is a perfect way of killing some time in work. Play Farmville and you are playing a browser based game that you can access anywhere – perfect for when you are stick in the office, after all it’s better than work, right?


But what if we were able to make it better?


How about if we were able to get you $100 for answering some questions on the game? By taking part in a survey (link below) on Farmville that could be exactly what you get! Free money and something else to help pass the time in the office…could you ask for more?


Fill in your email address here to get started on getting that $100!


space hunter

Free Games – The Slackers Weapon of Choice

Free games are our weapon of choice when it comes to being a slacker. No matter what the game genre the odds are we are willing to give it a try. Especially if it is a game that we can play in work (you know, rather than actually having to do any work).

Here at Slackerdom we really do love our free games. Whether it is a freebie blastathon on the X-box or an online browser game we can use to pass the time we are meant to be working, we’ll give anything a dabble.

Thankfully the Internet provides an amazing array of free games to play. You can play them in your browser, or download them and play them on your computer (stopping web bods in the office noticing what you are doing in your browser).

It is amazing how much quality and imagination there is out there – though whilst we love some of the games in a few cases we don’t want to meet the people behind them, what must they be smoking to come up with these ideas?

Of course, like every other slacker, we have our favourite games that we come back to time and time again. On the X-Box that is usually the Call of Duty games and the Assassins Creed series. But on the PC we prefer things a bit more retro.

Which is why we love these 2 download packs for some proper retro, and quality, gaming action. Titles like

Stack Aholic,
Space Hunter,
Missile Maze,
Attack Evil Moles,
Ninja Academy

All give us some great fun whilst killing time. Want to try them for yourselves?

Check out

Pack 1 here
and pack 2 here

THE place to go for slacking or killing time